Straighten up your motorbike again...
- Motorbike cast rims
- Brake discs

How it works

Motorradfelge Richtarbeiten
In our entry check

We check the components to be straightened and decide whether they are correctable. This initial check and measurement costs you only € 10 per component, plus any shipping costs. If the components can be straightened, you only pay the standard price (see price list) plus any shipping costs.


The dimensions of parts that can be successfully straightened by the contractor are within the measurement tolerances specified by the manufacturer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the client shall be responsible for compliance with the respective current legal provisions when putting the straightened rim into operation.

Guide prices according to expenditure:
  • Without disassembly or removal of parts
    plus shipping costs
  • Dealer enquiries expressly welcome
  • Dealer conditions after presentation of a valid business registration.
  • All repairs are subject to our general terms and conditions and data protection.
  • Packages will be returned by DHL, return postage to be paid by the customer.

Please make sure to fill out our online order form before sending us your parts. This is the only way we can allocate your parcel. Please enquire about the processing time by telephone.

Tel.: 023 81 – 928 58 88

Motorrad Bremsscheibe

Sequence of a straightening order:

Fill in order form straightening work
Please clean the parts, in the case of rims please remove the tyre
Tyre de-mounting with us, only against surcharge
Dismantle parts that are not to be checked
You can get a suitable box from a tyre dealer, for example
The repair time depends on the order lead time and the season
Two sometimes even up to four weeks after date of receipt
After the repair you will receive an e-mail from us
if parts are not repairable, you will be informed
For parts that are not correctable, we charge a lump sum of of 10 Euro per part for inspection and measurement, plus any shipping shipping costs.
Richten Sie Ihr Motorrad wieder auf. Wir werden Ihnen dabei helfen.


Motorbike cast rims

Cast wheels have average manufacturing tolerances of 0.3mm lateral and radial runout.

For repair, the tyre is removed and the wheel bearings are left in the wheel. Damage up to 10mm deviation is repairable. The repair precision is less than +/- 0.5mm. During the repair, the operational strength is checked and various crack testing procedures are used if suspected.

Cast wheels have very high operational strength reserves. They are often seven to ten times more stable than they would have to be for the dynamic driving loads. It is because of these high strength reserves that components made of aluminium or cast alloys are repairable in the first place.

ATTENTION: We can not process spoke rims!


When carrying out straightening work on cast rims, the straightening process may result in paint damage or tool marks on the straightened rim. Delivery to the customer is unpainted!

Brake discs

Brake discs are usually subject to tolerances of about 0.3 mm lateral runout during manufacture.

In the event of damage or irregularities, the brake discs can be repaired. It should be noted that the max. permissible tolerance for plane parallelism is 0.2 mm. This precision work ensures that the brake discs function optimally and that braking performance is restored.


  • Cast aluminium forged rims 150,- € per piece
  • Brake discs 50,- € per piece

Straighten up your motorbike again. We will help you with this.