Bursig Center-Lift Stand without Adapter Plate


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Bursig center stand without adapter plate


Scope of delivery:

  • Basic stand
  • Main screw
  • Angle adjuster short
  • Angle adjuster long
  • Castor Set


Technical features:

  • Black powder coated and galvanized
  • Automatic lock for safe use
  • Adjustment screws on the arms for precise adjustment
  • Supplied rubber protection to protect surfaces, e.g. on tiled floors
  • Load capacity of approx. 300 kg
  • Weight of approx. 17 kg
  • Lifting height of approx. 15 cm (may vary from model to model)
  • Dimensions: Height = 75 cm, width = 47 cm, including roller set = 84 cm.


The Bursig stand:

  • The first of its kind: Bursig stand since 2005.


  • Stability: Excellent stability for safe parking and maintenance of your motorcycle.


  • Easy maneuvering: Easy maneuvering of your motorcycle on different surfaces thanks to casters.


  • Easy operation: Easy lifting and lowering of your motorcycle.


  • Space-saving: Saves space in your garage or workshop.


  • Versatile: Adapted for over 300 models.


  • Flexible: When changing motorcycles, simply replace the model-specific adapter plate.


  • High quality: Robust construction and durable materials.


  • Aesthetically pleasing: Modern design that showcases your motorcycle in style.


  • Easy to maintain: Allows easy access for maintenance and repair work.


  • All-round customer service: Accompanying assembly with our technicians if required, by phone call, e-mail or video call.


  • Made in Germany: German engineering and manufacturing quality.


The Bursig center stand allows you to disassemble the entire motorcycle, except for the frame and swingarm. This makes it the perfect support on the race track, in your garage, or in your workshop. With the wheels you can maneuver your motorcycle freely. In addition, it is ideal for winter storage, as both the tires and the entire chassis are relieved.


Delivery and Pick-Up:

Take the current delivery times from the top of the page. Please note that delivery times may vary by country. In case of pickup, please coordinate the dates at least 1 week in advance and confirm them bindingly 1 day in advance by calling +49(0)2381-9285888.


Rely on the Bursig center stand for a convenient and reliable solution to maintain and store your motorcycle.


Notes on product photos:

Please note that product photos were taken at the time of customization to the specific motorcycle and may be outdated because of this. The appearance of the Bursig stand has been constantly improved and adapted over the years and could therefore differ from the Bursig stand pictured here.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 78 × 59 × 49 cm


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