Swingarm Sleeve for Bursig Center-Lift Stand


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Swingarm sleeve for Bursig stand

Note: Only needed for some models.

Before ordering, contact us to make sure which parts you need.



  • Swingarm sleeve, most times in black
  • On the invoice: QR code that leads you to an assembly video of the swingarm sleeve.


Important notes about the product:

If you change the motorcycle model, it is not enough to just change the swingarm sleeve. The complete adapter plates including mounts vary depending on the motorcycle model and year of manufacture.

Please note that when ordering the Bursig stand, it is already supplied complete with all accessories. The swingarm sleeve can be ordered additionally as a practical addition, for example if you have two identical motorcycles and want to use the stand on both, or if you have purchased a used stand without a sleeve.



Adapter plates can only be sold to customers who can provide proof of an original Bursig stand.

  • Customers who purchased the stand directly from us do not need additional proof.


  • For customers who purchased the stand from another dealer or privately, proof is required. In this case, we ask for a copy of the invoice or information about the seller or owner (respecting the privacy policy and with the consent of the dealer/private person).


Important assembly instructions:

  • In case of the slightest assembly problems, please contact us immediately.


  • Do not use force during assembly.


  • Our recommendation: Have the frame sleeve mounted by a professional workshop to ensure proper installation.


  • If you are from our area, please feel free to make an appointment with us and we will install your Bursig stand on site at no charge.


We always strive to provide you with the best service possible. Contact us if you would like accompanying and comprehensive assistance with the installation of your Bursig Stand accessories. Our technicians will then contact you by phone or video call if requested. Thank you for trusting in our products.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 10 cm


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For most models, a QR code is sent with the assembly of the frame sleeve